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1. What do I need before I place an order?

Before placing an order with us, you will need the following:

  1. A recent prescription from a qualified optician (recent means less than two years old or you are not due an eye test since you were issued your most recent prescription)
  2. The desire to save a bundle on your new glasses
  3. There is no 3

Ordering glasses online is easier than most people would think, but if you do get stuck during the process of ordering on our website then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Note: If you are waiting to have your eye test and in the meantime would like to place your order. On step 4, instead of inputting your prescription details, simply select “send it to us: You can email, post or FAX us your prescription, or just phone and tell us. By doing this, your order will be on hold until we receive your prescription copy when you are able to send it along.

2. What is your PRICE MATCH guarantee?

We at GlassesComplete promise that you are buying your glasses at the lowest price online.

Please note that the following conditions apply:

You must provide us with sufficient evidence of the alternative price. This should be via a webpage link, email, fax, or a written quote

  • The total price must include the cost of the frames, case, cloth, delivery, single vision lenses, VAT, or any other additional costs incurred.
  • The lower price must include the same warranty/guarantee terms
  • The price elsewhere can not be part of a special offer/promotion
  • The frame model, colour and size must be exactly the same, including the lens type and requirements.
  • The website offering the lower price must a Practicing Optician based in the UK, otherwise, there is no guarantee whether the glasses are Authentic or replica.
  • Please note that Price Match promise can not be honoured with any other offers on our website.

3. How do various discount codes work?

  • Discount code is applied at checkout.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.
  • The expiry date is disclosed upon email/phone request.
  • Minimum spend is disclosed upon email/phone request.
  • Depending on the code, it could be used once or more by the same customer.
  • Discount code can be activated/deactivated by glasses complete without notice.

4. How do I obtain my prescription?

Simply go to any high-street optician for an eye examination. They will give you all the details you will need to complete an order on our website. If you’re worried about feeling rude asking for your prescription and not buying anything from them then don’t! It’s perfectly normal, and they will never refuse to give you your details. They are legally obliged to give you a copy if you request one, and you are also under no obligation to buy frames or lenses from the optician you obtained your prescription from.

5. How can you charge such low prices?

We’re glad you asked! It’s actually very simple. For years, the only place you could buy prescription glasses was on a high-street or specialist opticians store. With the advent of the Web, it seemed natural to start using it as a platform for commerce, because there are several benefits that the “brick and mortar” stores simply can’t enjoy. For instance:

  1. We don’t have to pay high rents for large high street shops
  2. We don’t have to employ a large number of retail sales staff as high street stores do
  3. We aren’t limited to the number of different frames we offer, because we have an infinite amount of “wall space” to display our stock
  4. We have years of honest reliable relationships and contacts with fellow optical manufacturers and optical laboratories

Ultimately what it all comes down to is great savings on great glasses for you and your family.

Lenses and Coatings

1. What are the lenses made of? Do your glasses include standard single vision lenses?

Our optical lenses are made from high-quality CR39 plastic material for most of our glasses. These are the most popular optical lens, the same lenses as used in all opticians as well as our own high-street opticians. Our ‘thin’ lenses use a higher index material to make the lens thinner and lighter.

If you require glass lenses, call our customer services line to discuss the prices on 0161 790 0800 or email us on

Further information can be found here.

Yes, our glasses include standard single vision lenses made to your prescription at no extra charge.

2. Do you charge more for hard and anti-reflective coatings?

  • We offer hard-coating at no extra charge [Bronze Package]. Anti-reflective coating costs an extra £5 [Silver Package].
  • Feel free to contact us if you require any further information.

3. Do you sell prescription sunglasses and other tinted lenses?

Yes. Most lenses can be tinted to a sunglass tint.

We also provide photosensitive “Transition” lenses, which are clear in normal lighting conditions but turn to a dark tint in either grey, brown or green in the sunlight. These lenses also include a 100% UV filter.

Please note; we are unable to offer an exact lens tint match. Upon request, we will aim to match tint as close as possible. At customers own risk if new tint achieved is not the same or similar to original lens colour/depth.

If you require glass lenses, call our customer services line to discuss the prices on 0161 790 0800 or email us on

Further information can be found in our here.

4. What about lens coatings?

We offer a number of different lens coatings. Most lenses can now have special coatings applied which enhance your vision as well as improve the appearance of your spectacles. Some of the most popular lens coatings are outlined below.

  • Scratch-resistant coating: Often referred to as ‘Hard coating’. Most people choose plastic lenses because they’re lighter than glass and less likely to break. But plastic scratches more easily than glass. So to prolong the life of your lenses, we recommend a scratch-resistant coating. Please note, this coating is designed to prevent minor scratches as opposed to all types of scratches.
  • Anti-reflective coating: An anti-reflection coating virtually eliminates the light reflected from the surface of spectacle lenses. This has many benefits. Firstly, you will look better when wearing your glasses because there are no distracting reflections to get in the way of normal eye contact. Secondly, a reduction in reflected light can enhance your vision and reduce eye strain. For example, helps reduce headlight glare when driving at night. It is also recommended for computer users.
  • UV-400 protective coating: Excessive exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be harmful to your eyes and may cause long term eye damage. If you are at risk then a UV filter coating for your lenses is advisable.

Note: One or more coatings can be combined.

Dedicated dispensing opticians are on standby to help; phone 0161 7900 800 or e-mail:

5. Do you sell bifocal lenses?

Yes, select to have bifocal lenses if your Optician has recommended them or if you have had bifocals before. You require different prescriptions for distance and near and want one pair to do both. Physical line or curve separates the distance/near sections.

Standard Bifocal lenses start from £29.

Dedicated dispensing opticians are on standby to help; phone 01617 900 800 or e-mail:

6. What is the segment shape of bifocal lenses?

The bifocal segment is the portion at the bottom half of the lens that is used for near/close reading.

We use D28 bifocal lenses. Its segment is 28mm wide “D” shaped and is positioned vertically 3mm below the centre of the lens and the R28 bifocal lenses have a 28 mm wide segment, round-shaped segments that are positioned vertically 3mm below the centre of the lens.

Both the D-28 and R-28 bifocals are regarded as standard bifocals.

The normal rule of thumb with bifocals is that you stick with the same type of bifocal lens that you are currently used to. Short-sighted prescriptions tend to be best suited to D-28 bifocals and long-sighted prescriptions tend to be best suited to R-28 bifocals. However, this may vary and is not absolute. Always consult your Optician regarding the lens type recommended.

We can tailor-make virtually any type of bifocal lens including wider reading segments of your choice or thinner bifocals. If you would prefer an alternative bifocal then do ring us for an individual quote 0161 790 0800 or email us on

7. Do you sell varifocal lenses?

Yes, we sell varifocal lenses for new glasses and re-glaze.

Order varifocal glasses:

STEP 1:    Choose your frames, customise varifocal lens and place order online as per normal.

STEP 2:    Foldable pair of template glasses will be sent to you in the post with instructions enclosed. You will be required to wear these template frames and take a forward-looking selfie photo.

STEP 3:    You will be required to email us the photo you have taken and return template glasses in the pre-paid envelope [provided for UK customers only]. This photo will help us accurately make you your new varifocal glasses.

STEP 4:    Receive your new varifocal glasses which have been made using the most advance manufacturing methods, taking the utmost care to accuracy and detail.

Order varifocal re-glaze:

STEP 1:    For existing glasses that have varifocal lenses, simply send us your glasses for re-glaze after placing your order online.

STEP 2:    To existing glasses with no varifocal lenses, Transparent lens sticker will be sent to you in the post with instructions enclosed. Lens sticker needs to be stuck to lens on your glasses and take a forward-looking selfie photo.

STEP 3:    Receive your glasses which have been made to prescription using the most advance manufacturing methods. To discuss our varifocal lenses and its prices, call our customer support line on 0161 790 0800 or email us on

Delivery & Postage & Packaging costs

1. How long will I have to wait for my new glasses?

U.K Orders:

On average it takes 7 to 10 working days for your new glasses to be made ready before they are dispatched. However, more complex orders may take longer [up to 28 working days], so please be patient if you have an uncommon prescription/lens requirement.

Worldwide Orders [Outside the U.K]:

International delivery time is approximately one to two weeks and usually within one week for Europe based deliveries.

Your glasses will be sent via the Royal Mail network, although other delivery options are available.

2. What Postage Options Are Available And How Much?

Postage Rates:

Prices for up to 3 items: Within U.K:

  • Royal mail tracked 48 with signature   –        £4.95 or FREE for orders over £89
  • DPD Courier next day                         –        £8.95
  • Royal Mail guaranteed next day           –       £8.95

Outside U.K:

  • International Royal Mail signed for      –    £13.95 [Anywhere In The WORLD]
  • Courier                                                  –    £29 [Anywhere In The WORLD]

3. Do You Deliver To My Work Place Address?

We can deliver your order to your place of work. Delivery address can be specified when placing your order. If you want your delivery to reach you at work, it’s important that you are available to take receipt of the goods as the deliveryman/woman will deliver to the place and not necessarily the individual person.

4. How Do I Know My Order Has Been Dispatched?

As soon as your order has been dispatched, We send an email to confirm that your order is on its way. From there onward it should be delivered within the timescale we quote in our terms & conditions. If your order is trackable you can check it’s progressing by logging into the Royal Mail Track/Trace.

5. An Item Is Missing From My Order?

In most instances, all the items ordered are dispatched together in one package, but sometimes we don’t send everything you’ve ordered at the same time, so first of all, please check your emails to see if any of your items will be arriving separately. If your order has been sent separately then the delivery note will state this. If something is missing then please get in touch with our customer service team on 01617900800 or email.

6. Do You Deliver Worldwide?

Yes, we deliver to anywhere in the world.

7. What will happen if my glasses are unsuitable for re-glazing?

If unsure whether your glasses or prescription is suitable for re-glaze, please take photo/email showing your frames/prescription copy before you place an order so we can have a look and reply back to you with a relevant response.

If we receive frames that are unsuitable for re-glaze, we will notify you to that effect and offer you to either post another frame instead that is suitable for re-glaze or cancel the order with full refund minus postage fee already paid.

8. Can I request an earlier completion for my order?

If your glasses are required sooner feel free to contact us to discuss this and we will try our utmost to meet your required delivery time. Most orders are dispatched within 7 to 10 days, however, this is subject to the type of prescription/order.

9. Will my order fit through my letterbox, or do I need to take delivery of it in person?

Our packaging is specifically designed to fit through most letterboxes, however, this is both letterbox and glasses case size-dependent. Therefore, we recommend it is important for someone to be available at the delivery address to receive/sign for the package to prevent a trip to your local Royal Mail depot. It could be worth specifying your work address as the delivery address when the order is placed, as all deliveries are made between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm.


1. I don’t understand what my prescription says

Your optician should give you a clear, legible copy of your prescription to take away. They are most commonly generated by a computer and printed out, so there should be no confusion about what your prescription says when you need to tell us. If you’re having trouble entering your prescription details then we’ll be more than happy to read it for you. Just send it along once you’ve placed your order

  • Email:
  • Post: Glasses Complete, 14 Hulton district centre, Worsley, Manchester, M28 0AU.
  • Tel: 0161 790 0800
  • Fax: 0161 790 0100

Our qualified optician will read and analyse your prescription and fulfil your order accordingly. However, if we cannot read it ourselves, we may need you to obtain a clearer prescription copy from your optician. For more information, feel free to join in our “Eye Care Blog” which will help you understand your prescription content.

2. Can I use my contact lens prescription for ordering glasses?

No, prescriptions for contact lenses are not always the same as prescriptions for glasses.

3. What is my Pupillary Distance (PD), and how do I obtain it?

PD is the distance from the centre of the pupil (black circular area) in one eye to the centre of the pupil in the other eye. This measurement allows the lab technician to fit the lenses so when the glasses are worn you are automatically looking through the centre of the lens, thus achieving the correct and clearest vision.

Your optician may or may not give you the PD (the optician is not required to do so as part of your eye test). Your optician can provide this measurement as your PD is always measured during an eye test. We, therefore, recommend that you ask for it when you have your eyes tested.

Alternatively, you may choose to use an average PD, which is provided for you by our dispensing optician on the order form.

In many high street opticians, sales staff with no optical qualifications take PD measurements. Therefore, If you would like to measure your own PD, you can do so by taking the following steps:

1. You need an assistant (a friend!) to help you.

2. You need to Focus on a fixed point in the distance, for example; window at the end of the room.

3. Whilst you are focusing on the distance, with a ruler your friend measures the distance between the centres of one pupil to the centre of the other in millimetres. The average PD is normally between 54 and 70mm.

4. When the difficulty is experienced in determining the centre of the pupil, the edge of the pupil or iris may be used as a measuring point if both pupils are the same size. Measurement is read from the left side of one pupil to the left side of the other pupil.

OR you can do it yourself by looking in the mirror.

After Support

1. I entered some information incorrectly! What do I do?!

Firstly, don’t panic – given enough warning so we can alter your order before it’s processed. However, we try to process your order as quickly as we are able, so call us on 0161 790 0800 or send an email alerting us to the error.

Once you’ve placed your order you are given the option of printing it off, which you should check carefully and keep for future reference.

2. What if my frames need adjustment after I receive them?

Most high-street optical stores will perform minor adjustments to your frames for either a small fee or free of charge. Alternatively, we could adjust the frame to fit if required fit can be explained in as much detail as possible before returning your glasses for adjustment.

3. What is your guarantee policy?

We offer a 7-day, unconditional, money-back guarantee.
Should you decide that your new glasses aren’t right for you, we’ll give you a refund according to our refund policy or exchange them for another pair of the same value. Just post them to us and we’ll try our best to make sure you get the perfect pair of glasses.
Please contact us in the event you decide to return your glasses back to us.

4. Can I get a refund on postage costs?

Yes, you are able to reclaim your Postage costs when the order is returned as per our refund policy. Please contact us first to find out how this is claimed for.

5. Can I exchange my glasses for a higher-priced pair?

Yes. But the difference in cost will be charged. Please contact us first to find out how to facilitate this type of exchange.


1. What are the available methods of payment?

We accept:

  • All major credit/debit cards,
  • PayPal.

2. Do you accept NHS Glasses Vouchers?


3. Is the payment page secure?

Absolutely. We take your security very seriously, and would never ask you to provide your credit or debit card details on an unsecured server. Always be sure to look for the padlock icon in your web browser when filling out your card details on any website! Our payment page is completely secure and all industry-leading security is implemented to ensure this is maintained.


1. Can I just order frames with lenses that have no prescription in them?


2. Can you read my prescription off my existing glasses?

Yes, we are able to do this, however, we’re unable to use this reading to help make your new glasses.

3. Can you re-glaze (i.e. put new lenses into my existing frames) my existing frames?

We recommend you send your glasses to us by recorded delivery. We will not be held responsible for glasses lost in the post or damaged in transit.

Glasses are re-glazed at your own risk as it is with any high street opticians.

Re-glazed glasses will be returned in the same spectacle case they were received in. A new case will only be supplied if glasses are received without a case.
Enclose your full postal address so that we can return your glasses by recorded delivery.

See our full price list for re-glazing your existing frames.

4. Can you re-glaze any kind of frames?

We can re-glaze most kind of frames, including full, half-rim or rimless glasses, you can still enjoy our professional re-glaze service. If the frame is an unusual shape or size, or if the frame has a distinctive curved shape, please contact us first to discuss this as you may need a different type of lens to fit your frames correctly.

5. What do the frame measurements mean?

On the inside of one of the arms of your frames, you will usually find three printed measurements – the first two separated by a rectangle and then a 3 digit number, like this:

In this instance:

  • 56 is the lens diameter,
  • 16 is the bridge width, and
  • 145 is the side/arm length

The above measurements do not have to exactly match your existing frames, however, the closer they are then more comfortable the fit (providing your existing glasses are comfortable).

6. My question isn’t answered here. How do I get in touch?

We’ve tried really hard to make this section of the site as useful as possible, so, first of all, we’re sorry that you haven’t found the answer to your question. However, all is not lost! We will gladly answer any questions you may have over email or by phone. Find out how to contact Glasses Complete.