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1. What do I need before I place an order?

2. What is your PRICE MATCH guarantee?

3. How do various discount codes work?

4. How do I obtain my prescription?

5. How can you charge such low prices?

Lenses and Coatings

1. What are the lenses made of? Do your glasses include standard single vision lenses?

2. Do you charge more for hard and anti-reflective coatings?

3. Do you sell prescription sunglasses and other tinted lenses?

4. What about lens coatings?

5. Do you sell bifocal lenses?

6. What is the segment shape of bifocal lenses?

7. Do you sell varifocal lenses?

Delivery & Postage & Packaging costs

1. How long will I have to wait for my new glasses?

2. What Postage Options Are Available And How Much?

3. Do You Deliver To My Work Place Address?

4. How Do I Know My Order Has Been Dispatched?

5. An Item Is Missing From My Order?

6. Do You Deliver Worldwide?

7. What will happen if my glasses are unsuitable for re-glazing?

8. Can I request an earlier completion for my order?

9. Will my order fit through my letterbox, or do I need to take delivery of it in person?


1. I don’t understand what my prescription says

2. Can I use my contact lens prescription for ordering glasses?

3. What is my Pupillary Distance (PD), and how do I obtain it?

After Support

1. I entered some information incorrectly! What do I do?!

2. What if my frames need adjustment after I receive them?

3. What is your guarantee policy?

4. Can I get a refund on postage costs?

5. Can I exchange my glasses for a higher-priced pair?


1. What are the available methods of payment?

2. Do you accept NHS Glasses Vouchers?

3. Is the payment page secure?


1. Can I just order frames with lenses that have no prescription in them?

2. Can you read my prescription off my existing glasses?

3. Can you re-glaze (i.e. put new lenses into my existing frames) my existing frames?

4. Can you re-glaze any kind of frames?

5. What do the frame measurements mean?

6. My question isn’t answered here. How do I get in touch?