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Lens Options

Optical lenses are available in single focal and multi focal lens type. This is further subdivided into single vision lenses, bifocal lenses and varifocal lenses:

Lens Types

Single Vision:

  • Single vision lenses are custom made to your prescription.
  • The majority of our customers require single vision lenses and it caters for ‘long sightedness’ (hyperopia), ‘short sightedness’ (myopia) and Astigmatism. In other words, for reading/close work only or for distance vision/general everyday vision.
  • Basic Single vision lenses are included in the price, no extra cost.


  • Bifocal lenses are an additional £35 (R-22 and D-28).
  • Bifocal lenses have 2 separate portions, the top section for the distance and the bottom section for near.
  • We use D28 bifocal lenses. These are 28mm wide “D” shaped segments that are positioned vertically 3mm below the centre of the lens and the R22 bifocal lenses are 22 mm wide, round shaped segments that are on average positioned vertically 3mm below the centre of the lens.
  • If you would like them to be positioned further up or down (higher or lower) then do specify on your order or ring customer services to discuss (0161 790 0800).
  • We can tailor make virtually any type of bifocal lens including wider reading segments of your choice or thinner bifocals. If you would prefer an alternative bifocal then do phone our customer service and one of the members from our professional customer service team will provide you with an individual quote (0161 790 0800) or alternatively e-mail us on for the quote.
  • Bifocals are advisable if your last optician has recommended them.


If you require both near and distance vision correction, then you are probably presbyopic. This is a natural condition which many people experience in their mid-fourties onwards.

One solution is to have different pairs of spectacles for reading and distance vision, but this can be inconvenient for some people, Another option is bifocals, but they have a sudden change in focus and an obvious line across the lens. Varifocal lenses are an increasingly popular alternative as they have a gradual change in their optical power, there is no sudden jump between your near and distance vision. As a result, varifocals give you better middle distance focus as well as looking cosmetically more pleasing without the dividing line on the lens of a bifocal.

  • The varifocal lens looks in appearance the same as an single vision lens. i.e: there is no distinct line on the lens surface, like there is on a bifocal lens. Varifocal lenses work by allowing progressive vision from ditance to intermediate and then to near vision. Importantly, for the varifocal lens to work effectively the wearer has to look through the distance optical centre in the primary position. This is what we call the height measurement and this measurement is different for every frame and differs for all individuals.
  • Varifocals can be supplied for reglaze. This means you decide to change the varifocal lenses in your existing pair of glasses to a brand new updated pair of varifocals and keep the same existing frame. This way, our lab technician would measure the heights from the existing old varifocal lenses and replicate this height into your new varifocal lenses. This is surely a very popular method and we currently reglaze varifocals in huge numbers.
  • The normal rule of thumb with varifocal lenses is so continue with the original brand or type of varifocal lens you are comfortable with as each different type of varifocal lens offers a difference of near/intermediate/near visual area on the lens, thus requiring a potentially longer adaptation period. If in doubt, simply pick up the phone and call 0161 790 0800 to speak to one of our Opticians who will be more than happy to help. Alternatively, e-mail us on
  • If you require any assistance when ordering varifocals or you need a price quotation for any varifocal lens, please feel free to contact our professional customer service team on 0161 7900 800 or alternatively email us on

Lens Coatings

Tinted Lenses:

  • Your prescription Lenses can be tinted to sunglass depth, which offers a stylish option along with UV eye protection.
  • Other colours that are not listed or different depths of tint can always be ordered by phoning customer service on 0161 7900 800.

Polarised Lenses:

  • Cuts out horizontal glare e.g.: water surface glare when fishing and very useful when driving in wet conditions.
  • Filters out 100% UV glare.
  • Choice of brown or grey tint.

Transition® Lenses:

  • React to sunlight by getting darker (available in brown or grey).
  • Scratch resistant coating as standard.
  • UV filter as standard.
  • But, just a few lens characteristics you should be aware of before you proceed:
  1. They dont always go as dark as sunglasses.
  2. They do not react very well in the car as the windscreen in the car filters the bulk of the UV and thereby prevents the reactolite lenses working effectively.
  3. There can sometimes be a residual pale tint on the lenses, even when you are indoors. This usually occurs once the lens has aged.

Thin & Light Lenses:

  • Improves the overall appearance of your glasses.
  • Lenses are made to be thinner and lighter than standard lenses.
  • Single vision, bifocal and varifocal lenses can be made thinner and lighter.
  • For more information, feel free to contact us on 0161 7900 800.

Anti-Reflective Coating:

  • virtually eliminates the light reflected from the surface of spectacle lenses.
  • No distracting reflections to get in the way of normal eye contact.
  • Reduction in reflected light can enhance your vision and reduce eye strain. For example, helps reduce headlight glare when driving at night. It is also recommended for computer users.

Scratch-Resistant Coating:

  • Protects the lens surface from potential scratches that may occur due to everyday wear and tear.
  • Unscratched lenses provide clearer and more comfortable vision.

UV-400 Protective Coating:

  • Blocks harmful ultra-violet rats from penetrating the lens through to the eye.
  • Provides long term eye protection.

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