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Varifocal Lenses

Just some of the worlds leading varifocal manufacturers we closely work with:

This combined with our unique most accurate varifocal lens fitting system, you can now order varifocal glasses online with full confidence!

When dispensing Varifocal glasses, it require a series of measurements to accurately make your new glasses. To do this, we have devised a unique method to ensure your new varifocal glasses are made with accuracy and perfection.


Receive your new varifocal glasses in the post.


Step 1:

Select your frames, customise varifocal lens options and place an order as usual via the checkout page.


Step 2:

We will send you a pair of specially designed glasses that act as a template for your new varifocal lenses. All you have to do is follow the enclosed instructions on how to take the forward-facing photograph that will help us calculate the correct lens position for your new varifocal glasses.


Step 3:

Return the template-frames in the pre-paid envelope (pre-paid for the UK only) and email your photo so we can continue processing your order.


Step 4:

Receive your new varifocal glasses in the post.

Varifocal FAQs

What are Varifocal lenses?

Varifocal lenses combine both your distance and near prescription in one lens. Looking straight ahead offers distance vision, as you look down through the lower part of the lens, the lens power gradually increases going from intermediate to near focus. Varifocal offers the user all-round vision with optimal focus without the need to change glasses for different vision.

Are Varifocal lenses the same as Progressive or multifocal lenses?
Yes, they are the same, just different terminology.

What information do I need on my prescription to order Varifocal glasses?
Prescription issued by your optometrist should have all relevant values indicating both distance and near prescription or ‘near Add’. This is all the information required to order your new Varifocal glasses online.

What happens if I do not like Varifocal lenses?
In the unlikely event you’re unable to adapt to your new Varifocal lenses, we will happily exchange to a different lens type or refund your order.

Can you use my existing glasses to take the measurements?
This is possible, only if you are having your old varifocal glasses re-glazed with new varifocal lenses to your new/most recent prescription.
For new varifocal glasses, the measurements we require to accurately manufacture your varifocal lens is specific to each individual frame. The measurement in question is the vertical height measurement that is the distance between the pupil centre to the lower frame rim measured in the primary position.

What is the difference between Premium, Wideview and Zeiss Varifocals?
The main difference is the field of vision. Varifocal lenses have a portion of the lens that has a degree of soft focus and is usually found in the outer peripheral portion of the lens, hence restricting the field of view. This field of view is wider in our ‘Wideview’ lens and widest possible in our Zeiss varifocal lens. Please note: We do not offer the entry-level budget Varifocal lens, this lens is known to be restrictive in its optical design and this is why we have made it our company policy to only offer top quality lenses at low prices.

What frames are suitable for Varifocal lenses?
Most frames are suitable for varifocal lenses, providing the frame is deep enough to accommodate the transition from distance to near for the varifocal lens. Frames that are shallow in depth are generally advised against varifocal glasses. Please select the frames suitable for varifocal lens filter and you can browse our range of frames that are suitable for varifocal lenses.