How will you use your glasses?

Select the primary purpose of your glasses for, so that your lenses can be tailor made to suit.

  • Everything / Distance
    Select this option if you need help seeing objects in the distance (e.g. Driving), or if you intend to wear your glasses for general and everyday use for various different activities but dont have bi/varifocals.
  • Reading
    Select this option if you use glasses to assist with seeing objects close up, such as when reading or writing.
  • Computer Work
    Select this option if your optician has advised that you require single vision glasses for viewing objects at an intermediate distance, for example using a computer or reading music etc.
  • Bifocals
    Select this option if your Optician has recommended them or if you have had bifocals before. You require different prescriptions for distance and near and want one pair to do both. Physical line seperates the distance/near sections. [D28 OR R24].
  • Varifocals (Available for reglaze only)
    Your Optician has recommended them. You've had varifocals before. Varifocals offer both distance, near and vision inbetween [intermediate] without the line on the lens.
  • Prescription Only
    Glasses without prescription lenses for fashion use. Your frames can have any of our lens types and coatings / tints, but will have no prescription applied.

Dedicated dispensing opticians are on standby to help; phone 01617 900 800 or e-mail:

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