PD is the distance from the centre of the pupil (black circular area) in one eye to the centre of the pupil in the other eye.

This measurement allows the lab technician to fit the lenses so when the glasses are worn you are automatically looking through the centre of the lens, thus achieving the correct and clearest vision.

Your optician may or may not give you the PD (the optician is not required to do so as part of your eye test). Your optician can provide this measurement as your PD is always measured during an eye test. We therefore recommend that you ask for it when you have your eyes tested.

Alternatively, you may choose to use an average PD, which is provided for you by our dispensing optician on the order form.

In many high street opticians, sales staff with no optical qualifications take PD measurements. Therefore, If you would like to measure your own PD, you can do so by taking the following steps:

1. You need an assistant (a friend!) to help you.

2. You need to Focus on a fixed point in the distance, for example; window at the end of the room.

3. Whilst you are focusing on the distance, with a ruler your friend measures the distance between the centres of one pupil to the centre of the other in millimetres. The average PD is normally between 54 and 70mm.

4. When difficulty is experienced in determining the centre of the pupil, the edge of the pupil or iris may be used as a measuring point if both pupils are the same size. Measurement is read from the left side of one pupil to the left side of the othe other pupil.

OR you can do it yourself by looking in the mirror.

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